Staking your $HASAI

Once Hasai project launched, A great proportion of interest income is distributed to veHASAI holders, to align incentives between liquidity providers and governance participants (veHASAI holders).

Collected income will be distribute them to veHASAI holders. veHASAI stands for vote escrowed $HASAI, they are $HASAI vote locked in the Hasai DAO.

pageVote Locking

You can also lock $HASAI to obtain a boost on your provided liquidity.

pageBoosting your HASAI Rewards

Locking your $HASAI

Once you know how much and how long you wish to lock for, visit the following page: TBD

Enter the amount you want to lock and select your expiry. Remember locking is not reversible. The amount of veHASAI received will depend on how much and how long you vote for.

You can extend a lock and add $HASAI to it at any point but you cannot have $HASAI with different expiry dates.

Claiming your shared income

pageClaiming shared income

How to calculate the APY for staking HASAI?

The formula below can help you calculate the daily APY: TBD

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