How to participate in governance?

To participate in governance, Hasai Finance users need to lock their HASAI into a voting escrow.

You can do so at this address: TBD

What are veHASAI?

veHASAI stands for voting escrow HASAI. They are your HASAI locked for voting. The longer you lock your HASAI for, the more voting power you have (and the bigger boost you can reach). You can vote lock 1,000 HASAI for a year to have a 250 veHASAI weight.

Your veHASAI weight gradually decreases as your escrowed tokens approach their lock expiry. A graph illustrating the decrease can be found at this address: TBD

Get more voting power by locking your HASAI for a longer period of time.

Can I start voting right away?

You can only vote using your voting weight at the block where a proposal was created.

How to vote?

Simply visit the proposal of your choice, click your vote option and confirm your transaction. You can find DAO proposals at this address: TBD

Where can I find out about governance?

You can visit the Hasai Finance governance forum at this address: TBD

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