Once HASAI holders vote-lock their veHASAI, they can start voting on various proposals.

Creating a proposal

Anybody can create proposals but users need to follow the structure of a proposal which can be found by creating a new topic on the governance forum: TBD

Users who create proposals also need to create a corresponding CIP proposal at TBD

Using the signaling tool is completely free (no transaction fees) and you only need 1veHASAI to create a proposal there.

Assuming you have at least 2,500 veHASAI, you can also create an official DAO vote as long as it also comes with its topic presenting it on the governance forum.


Type of votes

Currently there are two type of votes:

Signalling votes which are non-official votes only used to gauge interest from community: TBD

Official DAO votes are the only way to enact changes on the Hasai protocol: TBD

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