The Permissionless Pools

Anyone can create Permissionless Pool. One Permissionless Pool cannot be created by the same NFT collections repeatedly and cannot be destroyed after the creation. The original parameters of Permissionless Pools are determined by creators themselves.

Liquidity Provider

The parameters of Permissionless Pools are determined by creators themselves, including the risk factors, liquidation factors, lending ratio, etc.

A certain amount of liquidity should be provided by Creators, for example, 300-500 ETH. The creators can't withdraw the original liquidity they provide in within a specified period of time. Creators could choose to burn the certificates of liquidity deposit, to encourage users to deposit NFTs in their Permissionless Pools.


This means anyone can now deploy a pool for their NFT collections in a few clicks. Those new pools have very few parameters which need to be set when creating the pool:

  • Parameters: including the interest rate, risk model, etc. (Recommended you speak to Hasai team member if you're not sure how to choose this)

There are a few things to know about those pools:

  • A large part of interest income will go to the Hasai DAO

  • Destroying Hasai pools once deployed is not possible

  • Hasai is not responsible for any of the assets going in there so you must do your own research when trading in the permissionless pool. The Hasai team and DAO also have no control over the tokens added in the factory which means you must verify the token addresses you trade on there.

  • The only admin change that can be made by the Hasai DAO is ramping the parameters

  • After deploying a pool, you must seed initial liquidity

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